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Episode 1: Dawn Of The Rangers!

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A young girl with a toned athletic powerful physique performed her morning relevé workout. To do a relevé, you must rise up on the pointe or demi-pointe from flat feet often using a little spring from a demi-plié, during which both feet are swiftly drawn up. Relevés are a part of basic ballet and are very important while doing many dancing tricks and turns. They are pretty simple if done in the right way.

She began in the first position with her feet in a "V" shape and kept her back straight with her legs externally rotated and her weight even and her spine long and tall and her arms rounded, relaxed and low in front of her body. She began to stand on her toes and pressed through the heels of her feet and pulled them up to stand on her toes. She stood there for a few seconds and gently placed them back down again while keeping her legs strong, straight and externally rotated, engaging her core and keeping her shoulders lifted and back. She made sure to keep her weight balance and that she was not on her big toe or little toe too much. Furthermore she made sure her heels were turned in and level. She rose slowly with grace while keeping her back straight and arms relaxed and finally she returned to her first position to finish before starting her workout all over again.
During a relevé, focus on engaging your core; having your turnout; controlling and engaging your inner thighs, bottom, and hips; and pulling your knees up.

This workout of course was inspired by Misty Copeland. As one of the most skilled ballerinas in the world, you can bet that Misty Copeland does everything she can to stay in peak condition. To keep her muscles strong and flexible, Copeland's daily training begins long before she puts on pointe shoes—she starts every morning with 20 relevés on each foot, which non-dancers might recognize as calf raises. Calf raises are one of the hands-down best ways to make sure your lower legs are keeping up. They're ultra-simple and effective, and there's no equipment, space, or extra time required—you can do them while you're brushing your teeth or waiting for your coffee to brew. Just like her she trained to do this every day to build herself up.

She kept this up until completion and smiled to herself. Another successful morning exercise. She'd been pushing herself extremely hard all her life and then extra hard after a certain...incident last Christmas involving some douchebag home invading delinquents and a frantic night of home defense. It took forever to get everything put back together. Thank Heaven for insurance and family and friends. If Buffy and the others hadn't been there? She didn't want to think about it.

IF there was a bright side to the whole disaster it was that she and her sister were keeping in touch more than ever now, along with their friends, and the criminals were locked up in prison. She would prefer Arkham Asylum but it was unfortunately fictional. She couldn't have everything regretfully.

"Kimmy! Kimmy! How's it going up there? Are you ready for school yet?" Her mother called up to her.

"Getting ready, mom!" Kimberly called back and rushed to the shower with a series of alternating pirouettes and cartwheels.

You are here » World of Paragons » Power Ranger World » Episode 1: Dawn Of The Rangers!