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Ranger World Tropes List And Discussions!

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Ranger World Tropes Lists And Discussions!

2 … tReference
-The Space Mission at the start is one long reference to Prometheus/Covenant/Alien. A group of well meaning astronauts land on an alien planet, explore it, recover samples to bring back to Earth, find an alien temple, continue exploring and awaken an ancient evil alien creature. The main difference being that, instead of them being complete morons like in Prometheus and Covenant, the astronauts were essentially being hypnotized into freeing Bandora and her crew and were reasonably competent besides that. The fact that they kept their spacesuits on at all and had decontamination procedures is already a giant plus. It should be noted that they go back to being intelligent the moment the hypnosis is broken but were just outmatched. They even tried to radio in about what they were doing earlier but were interrupted by interference.
-Nemesis is a lush green healthy alien planet that wanders the universe and swings through our Solar System once every 170 Million Years! Given that this is a once in one million seven hundred thousand lifetimes opportunity, the astronauts were absolutely giddy about landing on and exploring it. Not their fault there was an ancient alien temple on the planet designed to keep a space witch locked up. … pleMayPass
-According to Bandora, the temple could only be opened and operated by someone who was pure of heart, hence why Maggie Oliver was able to get it working. Apparently they didn't factor in the possibility of Bandora hijacking her mental prison to send out a hypnotic psionic distress call to hypnotize said pure person into freeing her. … werCrystal
-The Braxarae Gem Of Sealing Evil's Bane. Identified by Bandora as 'The Vengeance Of Sorcery 7's Royal Family.' which was what powered the sarcophagus that kept Bandora sealed for so long.  It also shocked the astronauts when they tried to remove it and even briefly shocked Bandora when she grabbed it until she overwhelmed it and absorbed its magic. … dHolocaust
-On their journey through the temple the astronauts find a hall dedicated to Bandora's monsters and the various aliens they killed over the years. While all of them have quite a long list to their credit, it's noted that the Toad Monster, and every Power Rangers fan should know what that was, had a rather long list to its name. Taking this into consideration, and the above mentioned Gem, it can be inferred that the Toad's rampage across Sorcery 7 was particularly horrifying. … eCharacter
-Bandora, Finster, Squatt and Babboo are basically fusions of their Sentai, MMPR and Comic versions with Bandora also borrowing from her Movie Reboot Version.
-There are multiple shout-outs to the greater MMPR Mythos throughout the astronauts story. Even Moment Program, the AI that tortured Rita in the comics while she was trapped in the dumpster got a shout-out...albeit right before being obliterated. … nceBattler
-Bandora sings and dances expertly so naturally she incorporates that into her fighting style. … ingVillain … ghablyEvil … eSillyOnes
-Bandora enters the series with a song and dance routine, has a fantastic evil laugh, a bombastic and hammy personality, is clearly having a blast, and does little to nothing to hide how blatantly evil she is. She can also snap into being serious in an instant and back again and easily overpower human beings and alien stone guardians while also being an expert fighter. As amusing as she is, it's also made abundantly clear that this version of Bandora is dangerously unhinged.
-Several. The first is the crew who realize they just woke up an alien monster, then Bandora gets one when Maggie first tries to wield the gem against her, so much so that she literally jumps away from her in fear, only for Maggie to get one right back when she realizes she has no idea how the magical gem works. … thTheDevil
-The Astronauts end up being forced into one with Bandora's crew to save their own lives when she corners them: Information about the Earth, a ride to the space station, and being magically forced to keep silent about her release, in exchange for their lives. Rather than a deal it's more like an ultimatum at gunpoint. … noidAliens
-Somewhat. Bandora's true form, or at least the first one we see, is much more alien in appearance until she uses magic to transform herself into a slightly more humanoid form.
-Bandora's immediate response to being freed from her prison? A song and dance routine of course! … ingEnglish
-Bandora initially speaks a bizarre alien dialect until she starts conversing with the astronauts and quickly figures out English.


In one introduction you've already made Bandora downright evil and terrifying while not reaching ridiculous levels like Handsy. This series is going places and I cant wait to see how far it will go :glasses:


Valhalla Erikson wrote:

In one introduction you've already made Bandora downright evil and terrifying while not reaching ridiculous levels like Handsy. This series is going places and I cant wait to see how far it will go

Thank you so much bro! Glad you liked her! Like I said, I'm borrowing from various versions of her merged into one. She can be goofy and comedic but at the same time she can suddenly snap into being serious and scary whenever necessary while still being competent.

Plus, come on, you can't have Bandora and not have her song and dance sequences. It goes hand-in-hand.

Friendly reminder that this lady is still one of the most powerful villains in Sentai and has called upon freaking Satan to wreak havoc.

Just because a villain is goofy doesn't mean they can't be scary.  :glasses:

You are here » World of Paragons » Ranger World Discussions And Plotting » Ranger World Tropes List And Discussions!