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Immovable Blob Tropes!

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2 … ingBruiser
-Fred, as usual, is enormously fat all around his body but despite this he can run and react at surprisingly fast speeds, easily running in front of a speeding truck in time to counter it and keep up with Knox despite Knox's fear energy infused speed boost. All while being durable enough to easily halt a speeding truck dead cold without being hurt and then manhandles Knox.
--Knox also falls into this with enough fear energy he transforms him to a super strong flash stepping brick who can pick up and toss cars and take repeated hits from Blob before going down and this was after being knocked around in the initial truck crash! … nalNiceGuy
-Fred and Toad are considerably more reigned in than their usual depictions, even stopping bank robbers despite Toad's initial reluctance. … otionEater
-Knox, just like in Heroes, can feed on fear to power himself up to become super strong and fast. Unfortunately for him, he was faced with someone who could soak up his physical attacks with no real issue.
-It's Blob after all! … KavorkaMan
-Despite being, well, The Blob, he has apparently actually had relationships in the past. At least one was with this universe's equivalent of Felicity Smoak which, for an unknown amount of time, was apparently rather steamy! While they separated, with Fred claiming she was 'crazy', very in line with her Arrowverse counterpart, he ultimately wishes her well in college. Time will tell if she'll cross the same lines as she did in the Arrowverse. … meticLoser
-As usual, Hawkeye gets no respect. Though it should be noted that the only ones making fun of him, that we see, are Fred and Toad who would have no idea of how badass Clint really is.

You are here » World of Paragons » A Marvelous Expanded Universe » Immovable Blob Tropes!